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Is your factory? How about the price?
Is your factory? How about the price?

A:We have own embroidery factory and own factory of nail bead, the price is from the source control, equal to compare our price advantage is obvious.

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  • Your design capability?

    A:We have our own design team more than 20 people, has design center in guangzhou and hunan, which owns professional embroider design technology certificate.

  • Your machine is imported?

    A:Our machines are the mayan embroidery machine imported from Germany.

  • Do you charge for your samples?

    A:Our samples is free, if some design is no sample, if you need samples we can also start proofing for you, you just normal sample fee.

  • Order the goods time is how to schedule?

    A:Our orders are generally according to the single order production, if customers have special requirements, delivery we will adjust your production line and production time accordingly.

  • Can visit to your factory?

    A:Of course, welcome guests to visit my factory and company. Only more mutual understanding of our business will become more and more good!

  • Will there be defective? If you have to do?

    A:We seldom appears in big goods defective goods delivery, but because each customer requirements have different scales, so one thousand appear customer complaint, we will actively talk things over solve, do not let the customer suffer losses.