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Nextfashion letter 2015 annual summary meeting is held in our key battleground in 2015
Nextfashion letter 2015 annual summary meeting is held in our key battleground in 2015

Here are our warehouse department colleagues in the unremitting struggle of the day and night sweat, lishui we believe people here in order to overfulfil the target spirit of solidarity, there are many moving story, have laughter, had tears, have overworked, have the joy of smooth shipment...The opening two host brings a stirring "national anthem",...

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  • Excipients knowledge all clothing in parsing

    One, clothing materialsMaterial is used in the clothing clip material, mainly cotton fabric, recycled fabrics, synthetic fabrics, polyester/cotton blended fabric, polyester taffeta, acetate fiber and viscose fiber blended fabric, silk and rayon fabric. Inside is the main test index of the shrinkage and color fastness, for clothing products HanRong kind of fi...

  • Garment accessories industry "spring breeze blow environmental protection into the trend.

    "Don't look down on garment accessories! Take this small suit, the grey color to the need of kung fu, in terms of ornament and a somewhat exaggerated silver-white metal brooch, suddenly will improve several class is the connotation of the dress. Can say, the brooch have the effect that make the finishing point, the designer's design talent show ...

  • 4-23 NF morning tea

    Morning tea NextFashion dress: unity is strengthA person's effort is additive effect;A team effort is the multiplication effect.NF group in 2016, the first full combat, climaxing with a bang!Team work overtime shipment catch water soluble, production factory coordination degree of the nail bead, unite the strength is hard than iron is stronger than steel...