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Exhibition time: 15-17 June 2016

Venue: Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition Center (Shaoxing Road 158)

Products to be displayed: manual series, mechanism series Booth: A233

                Hardware Booth: A175

Contact: lilian 18620493285

Background Success

      "2016 17th China (Hangzhou) International Textile Fabrics, Accessories Fair" held for the first time since 2000, with the rapid development of global textile and apparel industry and growing. Through 16 years of proven history of success, Hangzhou Textile Fair has become the overseas manufacturers to expand sales and lead generation platform gold. At the same time, also known as the Zhejiang region's largest, highest level, the most extensive coverage of the exhibits, exhibitors and visitors most professional exhibition.

Overview [last]

      Exhibitors: the previous exhibition area totaling 36,000 square meters, there are exhibitors from 17 countries and regions participating. Where 71% of domestic exhibitors, overseas exhibitors accounted for 29%. Stand partition arrangement according to cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, functional fabrics, knitwear, accessories and other categories. Previous show proof of success, long-term development of enterprises to participate in the fabric is still very active, all kinds of new fabric companies also are taking a growing trend, especially also added some great new businesses carry new promotion fabrics come to the exhibition this year, a few domestic an industrial base also be present in the form of exhibition pavilions.

      Audience: the "Hangzhou Textile Expo 2015" exhibition for three consecutive days since. It attracted a total of 40,297 (incomplete) name industry buyers to visit. Including clothing manufacturers and import and export trading companies accounted for 73.38% of the audience.


    1, print media publicity: We will be more than 40 professional media and the central class, where class A class newspapers, magazines widely publicized exhibition, formed by the Zhejiang radiation of the print media propaganda network.

    2, the network information: on the basis of propaganda show, we will work with professional information providers, in order to browse the official website of the show's viewers

Most timely exhibition, exhibitors and industry information dynamic information. Meanwhile, we will search engine optimization and keywords set to facilitate visitors to search for information about the exhibition.

    3, a huge database of resources: invite the textile, apparel, home textiles, luggage, footwear, manufacturers and import and export corporate executives, procurement director or designer, and other related industries and individuals through professional associations and organizational units Buyer to visit and purchase.

    4, direct mail promotion: printed 500,000 copies of invitations and exhibition information, and direct mail or through a variety of ways to send tens of thousands of professional visitors. Followed Gerber exhibition professional team of call center staff will inform one on one, invite and remind each and every professional visitors visit the exhibition.

    5, to promote its message: we will be locked in before the show hundreds of thousands of textile and garment related industries leading mobile phone number, via SMS invite to remind potential visitors to visit the exhibition, to expand the visibility and influence of the exhibition.










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