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Nextfashion trimming LTD

Nextfashion trimming LTD, affiliated to the letter the NF group co., LTD., founded in 2002.Mainly engaged in garment accessories, fabrics and other products import and export business, since the company since the establishment of steady development, product sales has been all over the world.

meeting the needs of business development, set up branch in Shanghai, and Shanghai mart perennial with the exhibition hall, for the overwhelming majority of customers with more advantage, price advantage is more popular style of the product.

Customers mainly come from the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries;Customer type is mainly terminal chain, brand at home and abroad customers, and brand OEM/ODM factory.

The company has more than 13 years of experience in the field of fashion, always follow the fashion, with a professional team service every customer!

Our tenet: customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!

Fifteen years industry precipitation Brilliantness Achievement



 In August 2002,NF group was born on August 29, 2002 derivative elder people together to struggle

 In December 2003,In the challenge of The Times, Felicia wong, chairman of the lead NF group staff hard struggle, December 29, 2003, received a formal trade business, and make the operation of group on track, and rapid development

 In February,2004, In 2004,NF group set up their headquarters in southern China is the most important resource of textile sourcing and distribution center for cuhk guangzhou international textile city, one-stop responsive procurement and logistics services, to meet customer demand for various types of related products

 In February,2005,In 2005,NF group development progresses day by day, the scale has grown, NF group planning business development scale, was formally established in February, fabrics, leather goods, jewelry accessories department

 In February,2006,In 2006,In order to meet the requirements of business development, the duty office formally established, fashion the canopy of the NF group towards the country, out of a solid step

 In December 2007.In February 2007 the NF group planning enterprise target, establish group charitable projects to benefit society in December 2007 to adjust the organizational structure, administration department, finance department into separate management mode, enterprise management is becoming more and more perfect.

 In February,2008,In 2008, the group full passion to forge ahead in the financial storm, began to Germany, the United States, Australia, Africa, the expansion of our business

 In February,2009, Established in 2009, NF group "really is. And" corporate culture, performance appraisal management reform, unity is strength, countercurrent ahead, create "win-win" goal, group held the first "New Year's day party" perfection

 In April 2010,Asian games in 2010, by the east wind, NF group rise of adversity, crossing management bottleneck, realize the process management, in April, in the field of new development road.

 In April 2011,In 2011, pine li long letter to take root, group set up the mechanism of "PK", the delivery head of the nucleus, put forward "with the roots of guangzhou".Branch co., LTD., Nextfashion letter is double entry KeQiao office, Shanghai office set up smoothly;Colleagues start domestic trade wholesale, electricity business management module, new breakthrough business situation

 In September 2012,Established in 2012, guangzhou NF group established the board of directors, middle-level management module, establish brand management module, Shovan shenzhen store opened in September, this year, we longteng lion jumps, the mainstay, and seek development.

 In February, 2013,2013 horse, group with new ideas, new height, a new starting point mode light li letter is horse vision, let li people embrace happiness letter, based in guangzhou!

 In April 2014, Success in 2014, in the face of the environment under uncertainty, lishui, adhere to the line of professional excellence, beyond the goal, to win the market, won the foreign tourism group goals

 In March 2015, In 2015 - branch independent professional modular operation

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