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The 22nd China international textile fabric &accessories (spring) exposition will be held in Shanghai in March

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Recently, by the China textile industry federation, China council for the promotion of international trade branch of textile industry, China textile information center, Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD., jointly hosted the 22nd China international textile fabric and accessories (spring) fair (hereinafter referred to as the intertextile chun xia fabirc exhibition) relevant previous work has been started, on March 16 ~ 18, held at the national convention center (Shanghai).

It is understood that the intertextile chun xia fabirc exhibition planned for 6 pavilion, among them, the number 6.1 pavilion pavilion for women's clothing fabrics, number 6.2 pavilion pavilion for fashion women's clothing fabrics, number 7.1 pavilion pavilion to suit fabrics, number 7.2 pavilion for the international pavilion, with most cowboys area, 8.1 pavilion as auxiliary materials, functional fabrics and movement area and the shirt fabric area will be located in the museum, 8.2 pavilion pavilion for the tobacco for leisure fabrics. Expect the intertextile chun xia fabirc exhibition will be more than 3500 the number of exhibitors, exhibition will be more than 156000 square meters, to an all-time high.

The beauty the beauty Different men's charms


People from the bustling streets, to spotlight shining fashion week catwalk, splendid and charm of a woman's dress was no surprise as the darling of the fashion. This, as well as in the intertextile chun xia fabirc exhibition, women's clothing fabric area tsundere to enjoy the biggest show area, occupies the path of the exhibition. Fabirc exhibition in the intertextile spring and summer, women's clothing fabric # hall occupies 6.1 and 6.2 # hall, nearly 1100 companies. No matter from the number of exhibitors, or display size, women's clothing fabrics galleries are easily in big. Choose to purchase the Intertextile fabirc exhibition platform for years zola TuJun design studio director, said: "to the fabric exhibition procurement, saves us with a lot of the intermediate links in the exchanges of fabrics enterprises. Especially field enterprises are doing very professional women's clothing fabrics, products are colorful, can meet the demand of our one-stop."

If, ladies' pavilion fabric type, such as a alternately wen wan and rebellious woman, so 7.1 suit fabrics pavilion products as a cultured gentleman to his bones, with the focus on quality has become the exhibition temperament. Collection of all kinds of high quality wool and chemical fiber wool-like fabrics, products covered by the "wool worsted fabric", "MAO woolen fabric" and "chemical fiber wool-like fabrics" three product categories, a total of about 350 exhibitors, in addition, also in the library's shirt fabric area nearly 130 enterprise registration participation, record highs. Repeatedly to the fabric show purchase dress fabrics of guangdong hundred shield clothing co., LTD. The manager said: "the men's clothing market showed a trend of rising, so we are expanding efforts for the development of men's suits, in the fabric fair access to all the fabric in the market at a time, not only save the transaction cost to us, more product development provided inspiration."

Digg hundred sparks fly together at home and abroadA


Although accelerated the pace of work, but it is hoped that the pace of life can as slowly as possible, so casual wear has become more and more consumer choice. Statistics show, intertextile fabrics show audience attention to leisure fabrics have catch up with the trend of women's clothing fabrics, leisure, sustainable way of life has affected clothing manufacturers purchase demand. Area is located in no. 8.2 the casual wear fabrics pavilion, gathering all kinds of high quality casual wear fabrics, the booth with more than 400 enterprises. Have multiple participation experience morning Long Xinsheng wujiang textile co., LTD., general manager of sales Shen Qianfeng said: "in addition to the life XiuXianHua clothing, down jacket in this year's market lightweight, functional is also a trend of obvious. In addition, casual wear fabric gained obvious, the market is more significant. I am looking forward to can contact on the exhibition, learn more casual wear fabrics resources."

In addition to the need to gather Montana native industry and all kinds of products, collect international fabrics industry elite is always Intertextile fabirc show is very important to a task, overseas exhibition is repeatedly as enterprises will shopping area. France zone, fashion Europe pavilion, fine wool, exhibition, figure design, sustainable development zone, functional fabrics and so on, separately in different parts of the display from the top of their fields in the international market fabric products, more be every fabric exhibition audience and exhibitors as a must see the pavilion. Historical masterpiece - trend prediction as a European, this is brought together around the top trend forecasting experts - NellyRodi? Agency (France), Elementi what Moda (Italy), firm Doneger Creative Services (USA) and ms inoue with child (Japan) carefully score next season popular trend, condensed in the Intertextile trend area.

Jumping pavilion A cowboy accessories to get flowers


For a concert, dance is not only a musical note, there is every player's finger, for Intertextile fabirc exhibition, living is not only of the room with turnover, and most of the cowboy exhibition in the exhibition. Galleries in most cowboys, unique design, exhibition layout will show the most avant-garde denim products and trends, and this year will also increase the relevant process features and site interaction area, the audience and enterprise to participate in the denim fabrics and products production process, feel the jumping interaction.

Dresses and suits, casual wear fabric is responsible for "beauty", accessories and sometimes shoulder make the finishing point in the functional fabrics, functional tasks. The exhibition accessories district is located in no. 8.1 pavilion, brought together nearly 300 complementary makings exhibitors, emphasis on product category refining partition, gradually form large-scale product areas, highlighted the focus of all accessories category. LuFangRong haining tianyi textile co., LTD., chairman said: "every year in March and October fabric exhibition must come, after the four exhibition more customer flow, clothing enterprises pay more attention to us, didn't we, their clothing development highlights will be less."

In addition, each chapter also own the regional industry, participate in the event. China pavilion will be in fine linen textile industry association jute spinning fabrics; Huzhou ccpit pavilion is to suit fabrics, ladies silk fabrics, casual fabrics, movement function fabrics, shirt fabrics are involved; Zhejiang haining warp knitting industrial park management committee pavilion in motor function class entrenched in the field of fabrics and swimsuit underwear fabrics, this also brings some good fabric products; History.the China Eastern silk market in jiangsu province association pavilion will be made for ladies chemical fiber fabrics, casual fabrics show; Xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province textile chemical fiber, printing and dyeing) industry association pavilion will represent the most good at dress fabrics, women's clothing fabrics; Fujian changle knitting, warp knitting industry association pavilion will be to make a show on swimsuit underwear fabrics; Flat at town in wujiang, suzhou city, jiangsu province economic service center pavilion will revolve around a relatively good at casual wear fabrics.

Slow recovery of world economy, China's economic development has entered the new normal, textile fabrics industry inevitably affected, the weak development phenomenon. At this time, used to be regarded as a barometer of the exhibition industry development is also very easy to encounter cold, only by strengthening the exhibition link, function setting and improve the service quality to increase its own charm. As an important event of the global textile industry, the exhibition of intertextile fabirc since founded in 1995, with its characteristics of international, professional and tradable, the exhibition received widespread praise of the industry and actively participate in, the image also has transcended the pure fabric and accessories procurement center, has become the industry the function is all ready, mobile reasonable positioning in the first big textile textiles face of the world's most influential exhibition. Is from different areas of the industry experts during the intertextile fabirc exhibition at the seminar and BBS and explore the market information and industrial technology. In this environment, intertextile fabirc exhibition at the beginning of the start is a is hard to find, a thriving scene it is not surprising, and intertextile show has been more and more textiles face fabric industry enterprise attention and surrounding areas, scale expands again and again.

Will also be a CHIC at the same place and at the same time China international clothing fair, China international home textiles and accessories (spring), exposition, yarn expo China international exhibition on textile yarn (spring), PH Value in the spring, China knitting (spring) international fair in the form of exhibition stage in CHIC. The exhibition will be ZhongFang league spring exhibition the overall image of unity, the textile industry of very large scale exhibition group, and form a joint.

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