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Nextfashion letter 2015 annual summary meeting is held in our key battleground in 2015

The article citations:广州澧信集团 Popularity:-Dateline:2016-05-10 17:19:00

Here are our warehouse department colleagues in the unremitting struggle of the day and night sweat, lishui we believe people here in order to overfulfil the target spirit of solidarity, there are many moving story, have laughter, had tears, have overworked, have the joy of smooth shipment...


The opening two host brings a stirring "national anthem", all of a sudden, you friend spirit have been out of 2016!!!!!! As we enter the next theme, first of all departments for a summary of 2015.


Hr and administrative post: 2015 a year, we hold the birthday, took part in a charity, played badminton tournament...


Financial report: 15 years have a harvest, costs and expenses.

Business article: explore the road more than 15 years of our 16 years continues, we unremitting efforts to achieve target.

Production article: longge say purchasing dear friends all isn't a person, I also believe that the "bo" has been a constant belief you!


Warehouse article: continuous fighting 72 days is to "demand change, the same service" slogan of perseverance!


Qc report: find and solve problems, to avoid problems, ensure the quality.

15 years of journey is a travel, along the trench, constantly across, the will of all the way, constantly beyond, mature with gratitude to remember all the way! The hard sweat of scattering is the fruit of the harvest!


2016 we survived, challenge continues, scaling new heights that we have to go through all the way again, again witnessed across and along the way, to transcend and will all the way! Let life be beautiful all the way singing, beyond all the way!

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