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Garment accessories industry "spring breeze blow environmental protection into the trend.

The article citations:广州澧信集团 Popularity:-Dateline:2016-05-10 18:15:00

"Don't look down on garment accessories! Take this small suit, the grey color to the need of kung fu, in terms of ornament and a somewhat exaggerated silver-white metal brooch, suddenly will improve several class is the connotation of the dress. Can say, the brooch have the effect that make the finishing point, the designer's design talent show incisively and vividly here." A design studio in shishi chicken, came to see the version of the wenzhou clothing production enterprise has always said that a new boss. , it seems to have always shishi textile garment accessories products no longer simply to play the role of a connecting fabric, but is connected to the downstream enterprises and end market. Therefore, shishi accessories industry should be developed by the "spring breeze", push accessories products in low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving direction, continue to undertake the "leading role".

Accessories for clothing reform

"The financial crisis era, textile and garment industry pay more attention to application of garment accessories, the height of a costume class not only in terms of material, the artistic style of garment contains planted the seeds of" love "is to let consumers. At the same time, the material is no longer a pure before net cloth, cotton cloth, such as lace, more is to rely on metal guajian, buttons, sequins and other accessories to decorate." Recently, in yongsheng, visit shishi hualian, auxiliary materials enterprises, these enterprises relevant responsible person said, today's clothing textiles in an increasingly important role in the apparel industry chain. Clothing in the eyes of designer, is a carved "art", and material also is the perfect part of the "art".

It is understood that as the design methods and the change of the fashion understanding, garment accessories provided the source of ideas for the general designer: complementary makings of a lace and buttons and other metal accessories are widely used in women's clothing, underwear, children's wear, sleeve and other parts, and have very good ornament adornment effect, at the same time, in the clothing, shoes or bags etc above dotted with a variety of metal jewelry, let originally ordinary clothes or bags become trendy and fashion.

Yongsheng, shishi of complementary makings company officials said, accessories products pay more attention to its functionality before, now more emphasis on is adornment sex, can even promote the class of the clothing like a work of art. At a month ago, the introduction of shishi clothing studio manager any waves is to find a brooch, and hire a market in Beijing to search everywhere, in the end he found that he is given priority to with the brooch play window to build the new handsome installed just in the sample room has been booked.


Environmental protection into the development trend of accessories

The reporter understands, as the shishi textile and clothing industry of form a complete set, shishi clothing textiles has always been a belief: the small product to make big industry. Especially in the industry, under the drive of complementary makings also gradually evolved into industrial cluster: exquisite accessories market, before the tower accessories market, treasure to cover the first town of garment accessories...... And auxiliary materials enterprises in developing in order to fulfill the social responsibility, especially in the various countries' trade barriers "encirclement and suppression", to "go off" through research and development of environmental protection materials.

"Environmental protection accessories in addition to practical with adornment effect, more important is the protection of human body." Shishi yongsheng company general manager Mr. Chen is introduced, based on the stone lion's emphasis on environmental protection material research and development, production, last year, including the United States, South America and Europe order of some of the merchants to come to shishi, and stone materials, including yongsheng of enterprise production of environmental protection products has been called the American merchants wishers.

It is understood that the stone lion most auxiliary materials enterprises to launch new products are healthy environmental protection is given priority to, such as antibacterial element is added in the new material products, to have the effect of antibacterial, environmental protection, mouldproof.

From supporting role to lead

From the current trend in the development of clothing, accessories for clothing in the future practical, decorative effect will also be stressed that the function of environmental protection is a trend. Shishi textile and clothing industry insiders said that the status of the auxiliary materials in the future will be supporting from clothes become protagonist.

Indeed, auxiliary materials industry in recent years began to turn. According to statistics, now the big brand accessories enterprises began to introduce the international certification standards, through technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection through the entire production process. Such as auxiliary materials enterprises will adopt "environmental pretreatment technology, to ensure that products meet the requirements of the ecological textiles. Among them, in 2013, during the period of "the sea expo" Alice buttons to shishi to promote environmental protection accessories dalian company, is committed to upgrading the button design, production technology, environmentally buttons are widely used in the production of high-grade brand clothing, luxurious decoration, and with non-toxic pollution-free, delicate, and many other advantages, favored by domestic and foreign businessmen, products are exported to Japan, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries.

Clothing and accessories are interdependent relationship between upstream and downstream partners, garment if fewer accessories to cooperate, can't form an effective whole, therefore, complementary makings actually from supporting role into an indispensable character. Shishi hualian accessories a director introduces, especially in recent years, the auxiliary materials enterprises to develop rapidly, and is directly related to material status in the ascension of the whole industry.

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