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Excipients knowledge all clothing in parsing

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One, clothing materials

Material is used in the clothing clip material, mainly cotton fabric, recycled fabrics, synthetic fabrics, polyester/cotton blended fabric, polyester taffeta, acetate fiber and viscose fiber blended fabric, silk and rayon fabric. Inside is the main test index of the shrinkage and color fastness, for clothing products HanRong kind of filling material, the material should be chosen in the close or coating fabrics in case to take off the cloth with soft nap. At present, the dosage of more on lining silk chemical fiber as main material.

That should be paid attention to when choosing clothing in place:

Undefined in material performance should be adapted to the performance of the fabric. Performance here refers to shrinkage, heat resistance, washing resistance, strength and thickness, weight, etc., in the different materials have different performance characteristics.

Undefined in material should be coordinated with the fabric color, in general, the material should not be deeper than the fabric color.

Undefined in material should be smooth, durable, anti pilling, and have good color fastness.


Second, the clothing lining

Two kinds of lining including the lining cloth and gasket.

Lining cloth is mainly used for clothing collar and cuffs, mouth, divided skirt waist, hem and suit the chest part, generally contain hot melt adhesive coating, usually referred to as the adhesive lining. According to different base cloth, the adhesive lining is divided into a spinning line and non-woven lining. Are spinning substrate cloth is woven or knitted, woven lining cloth cloth made of chemical fiber suppression. The quality of lining fusing, is directly related to the pros and cons of ready-made clothing quality. Therefore, adhesive lining when the choose and buy, not only have a requirement on appearance, but also examine whether lining cloth performance parameters in conformity with the garment quality requirement. Such as: the thermal shrinkage of the lining cloth rate as far as possible consistent with fabrics thermal shrinkage; To have good can sew and cutting; To be at a lower temperature and fabric strong adhesive; To avoid high temperature after ironing fabrics with positive seep; Durable and attached, anti-aging resistance to washing. Gasket including coat with shoulder pads, breast pad, and bottoms with hip pad, soft and thick, is generally not glue.

Excipients knowledge all clothing in parsing

When choosing clothing lining should be paid attention to:

Undefined lining should match the performance of the fabric. Including the color of the lining, unit weight, thickness, trailer, etc. Heavy fabrics such as flannel should use thick lining, and the thin fabrics such as silk with soft silk lining, knitted fabrics using elastic knitting, warp knitting lining cloth; Pale bedding fabric color should not be deep; Polyester fabric is unfavorable class cotton lining, and so on.

Undefined lining should match the function from different parts of the garment. Starched lining is used to get a department and the waist part, coat chest line, use thicker lining; Feel is flat lining was generally used to separate skirt waist cuff and clothing; Strong and full of elasticity of lining should be used for the modelling of neatly crisp.

Three, garments packing

Clothing packing, it is warm in the fabrics and material between the function of material, according to fill the form, can be divided into class and class two.

Flocculant undefined class: no fixed shape, loose filling material, the garment must be additional lining (sometimes with bile), and pass by machine or hand quilted. The main varieties have cotton, silk, wool and feather, used for heat preservation and heat insulation.

Undefined material classes: made from synthetic fibers and other synthetic materials warmth retention property of planar filler, varieties have chlorofibre cotton, polyester, acrylic, finalize the design, smooth hollow cotton and plastic, etc. Its advantage is uniform thickness, easy processing, modelling is crisp, no bug eat by moth, mildew resistant easy to wash.

Four, the line with the materials

Undefined line materials

Mainly refers to the sewing thread and other wire materials and various line cord belt material. Sewing thread in the garment have the effect of suture pieces, connecting parts, also can have certain adornment beautification effect, whether open wire or wiring, are part of the integral style clothing. The most commonly used sewing thread is 60 40 s/s / 3 and 2 polyester thread, the most commonly used is rayon embroidery thread with real silk.

Process decorative thread is also an important part of the line materials. Process decorative thread according to the process can be roughly divided into three classes of embroidery thread, braided line and line of the Mosaic. Fabric used in clothing, bedding, furniture, room supplies, restaurant supplies, etc.

In addition there is a kind of decorative thread, for some special needs and production line, called a special thread. It has unique properties, using range is small, the production cost is relatively high, usually named after use to.

Undefined type material

Mainly by the decorative belt, utility belt, industrial session of classes and the protective belt. With decorative class and can be divided into: elastic belt, ribbed belt, cap wall, rayon lace, ribbon, piping and placket, etc.; Practical classes by nylon buckles, belts, backpack belt, kettle, etc; Industrial session with class by the fire, electricity and auto sealing strip; The protective belt mainly refers to the head band, shoulder waist support knee pads, etc.

Note: when choosing clothing lines

Undefined color should be consistent with the fabrics, in addition to the decorative thread, should choose similar color as far as possible, and well deep not shallow.

Undefined stitches should be consistent with the fabric shrinkage rate, so as to avoid sewing things after washing stitch will not make the fabric wrinkling by shrink too much; High elasticity and knitted fabrics, elastic line should be used.

Undefined sewing thread thickness should be with the suitable thickness of fabrics, style.

Undefined suture material should work with fabric features close, line of fastness, elasticity, heat resistant and suitable fabric, garment dyeing products, in particular, sewing thread must be the same as the fabric composition of fiber (special exception).

Fifth, stick materials

Stick to materials in the clothing mainly ACTS as connection, combination and decorative effect, it includes buttons, zippers, hook, ring and nylon lash kinds buckles, etc.

Choosing closely material should follow the following principles:

Undefined should consider the types of clothing, such as infants and young children and children's clothes stick to material should be simple, safe, and general use nylon zipper or buckles; Men's notice thick and wide, pay attention to decorative women's clothing.

Undefined should consider clothing design and style, more attention to the epidemic of material, to achieve the unity of the decorative and functional.

Undefined should consider the purpose and functions of clothing, such as the trench coat, swim suit, stick to materials to be waterproof, and durable, appropriate chooses plastic products. Lingerie stick to a small, thin, light weight and strong, the front pants and dress back zipper must be self-locked.

Clothing maintenance way, should be considered as usual to wash clothing with or without metal materials should be less.

Undefined consider clothing materials, such as the large size, heavy, napping fabric application closely material, the fabric of the loose structure is unfavorable with hook and loop and ring.

Undefined placed should be considered and open form of clothing, such as clothes stick to office without a door is with buttons.

Six, decorative materials

There are many different kinds of lace, lace is an indispensable part of the decoration materials, is important to the women's wear and children's clothing decoration materials, including woven lace and handmade lace.

Woven lace is divided into woven lace, embroidery lace and three types of knitting lace; Including handmade lace cloth sash lace, lace, lace, hand hook yarn, cotton lace, hand such as women's clothing accessories, and other small cotton clothes.

Clothing lace value is aesthetics, durability, and washing, selection and application of lace, need to weigh the lacy adornment sex, wear resistance, durability of the three characteristics, according to different needs to choose.

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