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Accessories industry plans to reshape new business ecosystem

The article citations:广州澧信集团 Popularity:-Dateline:2016-05-11 10:52:00

The New Year, who is the most bitter? Many people say it's bosses are the most difficult. Indeed, in the face of economic downward pressure, year end season bosses had to take care of staff not only to take care of home, even in the face of the most important problem of industry transformation. Anxious to transform to the traditional industry of collective first, they rush to the Internet with intelligent feature to find a way out of the desire is very urgent. Recently, quanzhou operators together, a lot of accessories are brewing into Internet talent team, on the basis of iec, crack industry (demand, customized to launch with Shared characteristics and closed cycle of the new platform. At the same time, other emerging forms of highly interconnected genes are actively communicate with quanzhou traditional industries, they also hope to own thinking can merge with the traditional industry symbiosis and co-prosperity.

Three mountain to traditional industry very sad

"Chain debts, severe inventory, are all weak sales, especially over the heads of the auxiliary materials industry three mountain." Industry insiders said, subjectively speaking, these traditional industries is not don't want to let the development speed is faster, transformation and upgrading is faster, but unable to do this.

Since early 2015, the economy is down, the influence of such factors as part of the debts of the enterprise environment worsening, a batch of new "zombie" serious again, trust between enterprises are in the "freezing point".

, according to people familiar with the matter in jinjiang a unnamed auxiliary materials enterprises, for example, the enterprise annual output value over one hundred million yuan, 2015 since the start of the accounts receivable increase month has accounted for half of sales, and after receiving payment, cash accounts for only 10%, the acceptance is as high as 90%.

Meanwhile, shrinking offline physical market, demand and weak clothing retailers, the upstream of the auxiliary materials in the textile and garment industry class enterprise operation is difficult to avoid trouble. Too much inventory, funds run out, not in the short-term emerging within the Internet market, also can't completely in a short period of time to get rid of the dependence on traditional offline markets.

"When we need to find the entrepreneurial passion." Jinjiang ShiZongXing, a member of the textiles industry, in his view industry has been to the transition stage. But under asymmetric information, industry chain upstream and downstream factors such as capital speed slow, now more innovation only in words. Industry analysts say, first of all, business chain is too long, complementary makings producers don't know, what is the final customer, their products they purchase frequency, the purchase amount at a time, they have any feedback on time after purchasing experience, they prefer which products. "Take the customer as the center become hot air." The industry said that this is pain points of presses for solution.


Smart + connected make dealer service providers

How to start, how to transform? ShiZongXing recent frequent contact with the Internet industry elite, he hopes to use the power of transboundary brewing in supplementary material within the industry to establish production chain integration platform, to subvert the original business model. They expect from a pure manufacturing to production, design, manufacture, channels, marketing, management, service, etc., to create new advantages "Internet +" in the era of the whole industry chain, become the leading industry in the development of tves.

"With the help of intelligent platform to build, we can make the original distributor switch roles." Xiao-chao zhang is the "after 90" entrepreneurs. In his words, his company is specialized for traditional enterprise transformation and creates the brand "gun". In his view, in the accessories industry establish intelligent interconnection platform has the following several advantages. First accessories industry with 12 trillion yuan of the standardization of production scale, have be integrated requirement. Second, the original there exist serious information opaque materials industry chain, also is the product sell where pain points, it also provides a space for interconnection integration.

"We need to strive for the same dealership force in transition." Originally dealers, he said, is responsible for buying and selling in the middle of the important link, after they need to take out most of the funds used to support the operation. But in the future as long as they are transformed into the role of the service, let the producers and buyers deal directly, then having to bear the huge financial risk. According to the order situation, the platform can also access to insurance and financial services such as port, further reduce the capital pressure producers and distributors. In addition, aiming at the problem of counterfeit after homogenization, platform can also through cooperation with scientific research institutions, public the information publicity way let buyers can more accurately find the really willing to put into research and development new products, accessories manufacturer with good quality. "Because everyone imitation imitation, you produce five yuan a, others can produce four yuan a, vicious competition, accessories manufacturers research enthusiasm big hit." Xiao-chao zhang said, the establishment of the intelligent platform can meet the demand of industry, and also on the national "2025" made in China in the process, must want to by a big textile textile power transition in China need to take this step. This will become a tool of the reform of the supply side, if all goes well, the future intelligent platform after gathered enough data can also be given more intelligent guidance function, play a role in the production, research and development, and even sales end.

Industrial chain integration has become a trend

Actually not only ShiZongXing, xiao-chao zhang considering textile accessories industry chain, supply chain integration platform. Technology of e-commerce transactions last year, jinjiang government expert advisory board member, director of the national engineering laboratory yue-ting chai has been set up e-commerce transactions to spring technology national engineering laboratory shoes clothing supply chain management research center, the center is to make shoes clothing industry supply chain integration provide the corresponding discussion guide.

"' + 'means that Internet is the upgrade of electronic commerce, and reshape the process of manufacturing production management. It will be a big change, transformation and upgrading is not one or two companies, but all of the enterprise." Yue-ting chai said, front-end of the supply chain integration and transformation is the basis of production development. Quanzhou as the country's most important shoes clothing industry base, not only have the integration foundation, but also has created a similar platform. Cooperation with wood, a professor at a fine platform, is committed to the production end of supply chain integration service platform. "Was established in 2013, we began last year with so far, the platform has attracted 5000 shoes clothing industry chain enterprises." Yipin director jia ZhuangWeiXiong said, 80% of whom are supplier, 20% are brand buyers, including the king xtep, nine animal husbandry, such as septwolves first-line brand enterprise. In the future they will further extend the industrial chain, will even include upstream of the auxiliary materials suppliers, and the combination of actively seeking and cross-border electricity, explore the docking terminal services. In addition to original clothing machinery provider - product is electricity. They are also committed to building a large data based on the basis of supply chain ecosystem. "From the funds to order, from the evaluation to the quality will eventually become the natural ecological system was eliminated." Related official said, their power is based on the previous data is received. The indications are that Internet intelligent platform and the traditional industry links cognitive has gained widespread recognition, who will achievement of legend, the key see who data flow faster, service in place, more design platform experience more reasonable.

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